Sutharian Empire

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The Sutharis

Image of a Suthari

The Sutharis are a humanoid race native to the Sutharian Empire. They are Thrifty, naturally Intelligent and very Charismatic. The Sutharis don't adapt well to other worlds and are relatively weak compared to other species. They naturally enjoy the cooler, mountainous alpine climate of their home world, Sutharia.

The Zantaks

Image of a Zantak

The Zantaks are a reptilian species of Sutharia. Servile in nature, they aren't too smart and evolved to be very good at laborious task and trained to be the muscle of the military. They don't mind being under Suthari rule and are quite happy with the arrangement. Like the Sutharis, Zantaks don't adapt well to foreign worlds.


The Sutharian people are very militaristic and aren't afraid to engage in war to meet their interest. Additionally, they like other species and prefer to help, subjugate, and uplift other species to their own level.


Suthana is a Trinary system where all three stars are closely gathered in the center of the system. The main star is where the name Suthana comes from.


Sutharia is the home world of the Sutharis people. It is an alpine planet, so it is mountainous, and frozen.


The Government has been unified Imperial rule since the year 2200 when the Komorov family took complete control of Sutharia. The Government is very focused on maintaining national security, building a formidable spacial navy, and bringing peace to the entire galaxy.

Komorov Royal Family

See here for the Komorov Royal Family

Irassian Concordat

Year 2203, the Sutharian Empire discovered the ruins of an ancient alian civiliazation known as the Irassian Concordat. They appear to have been six-limbed mammalians and were eradicated by a plagued named Javorian Pox.